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The right tool for the job

A lot has changed in the 39 years that Dell Services has been clearing snow. In the beginning the 4X4 pickup truck was the vehicle of choice, but times change and Dell has evolved to meet the challenges of a growing mega city and the customer’s needs that come with it. Today Dell runs a large assortment of equipment from front end loaders equipped with various attachments to agricultural tractors of various sizes and configurations. Our approach is to find and provide “the right tool for the job”. This philosophy is the backbone of our success. Not every job can be plowed by a loader or a tractor or even a pickup truck. Our team looks at each project and selects the proper equipment to get the job done properly and on time. We feel this approach makes us unique and provides our customers with superior service.

SIDEWALK CLEARING: At Dell we use everything from a man with a shovel to high performance snow blowers to Kubota tractors equipped with blades, snow blowers and salters to the traditional skid steers equipped with buckets and blades. Sidewalks are one of the most challenging aspects of snow clearing; they are all different shapes and sizes with curves and steps. Dell strives to meet each one of these challenges and succeed. Having the right tool for the walkway is the key to getting the job done properly and on time.

Snow Clearing


In today’s market the de-icing of a property is of the utmost importance. We apply rock salt not sand to your parking lots and sidewalks so there is no mess to clean up after, we also apply approved ice melter to sensitive areas. In addition Dell also provides salt bins when requested that we keep stocked at all times. Dell has a fleet of salt trucks on call and ready to respond to emergency situations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our 24 hour dispatch and weather monitoring system will ensure that Dell is on time and the job is done right the fist time. Our dispatch system answers the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week and keeps detailed records of every snow and ice event. Dell Services is always actively monitoring the weather for any possible change in condition.

Melting & Removal


Have a property with height and weight restriction? How about a location where haulage isn't an option? Need to remove snow in an expedited cost effective manner? Dell Services can supply loaders from 6ft tall and 5,000lbs to 13ft tall and 45,000lbs. Using our standby fleet of dump trucks or a portable ice melter we can service and remove snow from from any location; Small or Big, Tall or Short, Downtown or Suburbs...Dell Services can solve the problem!

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